Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4. bullet my day

sorry for the temporary blog hiatus. i was in nebraska all weekend for my friends wedding. it was great to see her and be able to witness her wedding. they kept it pretty laid back and amusing, which is very much her. i got back sunday afternoon and have been pretty busy with work and catching up on homework these past few days. finally taking a little break and getting back into the grove of this.

so i don't have a daily schedule that is the same throughout the week. each day is different, but for the most part each week schedule is the same, but usually each week is the same. since i don't have a daily schedule that's the same, i will just go through todays schedule. and yes, i use 24 hour time for pretty much everything.

- roughly 0130 i fall asleep (i'm a college kid i'm allowed to do this)
- kinda slept in this morning and woke up around 0930 (not sure why i slept so late)
- did some homework until about 11-1130ish, then had to get the mail and get some lunch
- 1230 i got ready for work and left about 1245. (i'm not very high maintenance, so it doesn't even take
me a whole 15 mins to get ready)
- at work by 1300. was able to do continue with homework there while doing the random things for work.
- left about 1615 (short and fast day at work today) only to come home and finally finish my homework that was due tonight.
- had dinner with dad around 1730 to about 1900. (in case it's not obvious yet, i spend a lot of time with my dad. i love it, especially when he tells me to annoy him with homework questions)
- 1915 made my starbucks stop. (i spend waaaay too much money there, but it's soooo good)
- 1930 make it to school.
- 2200 come home and write this and watch some olympics.

still need to shower and do my quiet time and thankful list. i'm trying to get back into being consistent with quiet time and making my thankful list.

i know my days aren't that exciting, but what do you expect? all i do is school, work, and homework. semi routine, usually just the times change.

what does your typical day look like?

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