Friday, August 24, 2012

high five for friday

linking up with from my grey desk again for some highs of my week.

one. coffee with christina. so the bff is in town to celebrate her birthday with her dad and step mom. so yesterday we spent like two and a half hours at starbucks. it was great to see her and spend time with her. she's moving to georgia at the start of october, so it's great to spend time with her before she leaves.

two. coffee with sarah. i went on multiple coffee dates this week. tuesday was at target with sarah. we meet at target so we can get our coffee and then walk around, which usually turns out bad for me. i spend way too much money at target haha. but i got my friends wedding present, just need to find some stuff to fill it with. i also got some wooden pencils (because i'm a nerd), the new magnetic nail polish from sally hansen, and a great plaid shirt. i have a love of plaid shirts. and she told me she set a date for her wedding =]

this is the shirt that i bought and am in love with. and pretty much the whole outfit is from target. (it was my first time using the self timer on the camera)

the sally hansen nail polish. pretty please with how it turned out

three. coffee with rose. so i seriously just got home from my last coffee date of the week with rose. i love spending time with her. she is such a dear friend and i'm so blessed to have her in my life. i really don't have many friends here any more, so it's great to have her. we are both trying to be more intentional, so hopefully we will get more consistent with seeing each other. i'm also thinking about going back to doing personal training with her.

four. grilled chicken and mashed potatoes. so last night was my first go at grilling chicken myself. i was super pleased with how it turned out. i was worried i either wasn't going to cook it all the way through, or it would be dry, but it turned out really good. i was kinda bummed that we didn't have real potatoes, but the spuds in a box weren't so bad. still made delicious garlic mashed potatoes, and heated up a can of green beans to go with it. i think it all turned out really well.

doesn't this look  yummy. cuz it sure did taste yummy. 

my chicken as i was grilling it. i'm thinking about making more recipes and putting them up here.

my precious cece was my grilling buddy. just laying on the bench by the grill.

five. bible studies. so this past week i started a study on youversion called the confident woman. i've really been enjoying it so far. it's a 14 day devo, and i've done 5 days so far. it's been really good. i can't wait to continue with it and see how it goes.

i went kinda camera happy with my cat yesterday. here are more picture of her. and luckily i saw her this morning with no battle wounds (i saw two coons on the deck last night but didn't see her, and it worried me) she gets annoyed when i keep taking her picture, so now she just ignores me when i have my camera.


Nicholl Vincent said...

love that nail polish!

Happy Sunday! Drop by and say hello!

Erin said...

your kitty is so so sweet :)