Thursday, August 2, 2012

5. something i want to say to an ex

so i'm pretty sure the only way to make this even slightly pleasant is to write it as a thank you letter, but realistically it probably still wont be that pleasant.

dear ex,
thank you for so far being the worst mistake of my life.
thank you for being more than willing to take things from me that i will never be able to get back.
thank you for making me hate myself for far too long.
thank you for causing so much tension between my brother and me.
thank you for adding to my long list of issues.
and big thank you for making it a million times harder for me to trust anyone.
thank you for always making me feel guilty about something.
thank you for making me cry so much when you know i hate crying.
thank you for finding ways to cause fights or tension with everyone around you.
thank you for helping me realize what i never want in a friend, and especially in a boyfriend.
huge thank you for breaking up with me and letting me realize how much i regret you.
i am so glad to no longer have you in my life.
i am so much happier with you gone.
i am still working on trusting others, and it's still seemingly impossible.
it took me a long time, but i have forgiven you for screwing up my life for as long as you did, but don't think i have forgotten anything.
i really hope you turn out to be a good dad to your child, but i'm not holding my breath. i feel sorry that child has you as dad.
sincerely, me

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