Wednesday, August 8, 2012

7. five pet peeves

so let me just say i am really enjoying this way for y'all to get to know me without getting too deep. it's hard for me to open up and let people in, and this blog has been a good way for me to let things out. so on to today's little task

pet peeve number one: driving with your turn signal on. seriously like the biggest pet peeve of mine. i get quite frustrated when people drive for like 5 miles with their blinker on with no intention or chance to turn. if i am following a friend who is doing it, i will call them and tell them to turn it off. drives me completely bonkers and some road rage comes out then. (i yell at people a lot in my car)

pet peeve number two: chewing with your mouth open. this is super nasty to begin with, and then you make that disgusting chomping noise. it's even more annoying with gum and it goes on for like an hour. i mean i get it if the food you are eating is loud and there is no way to eat it silently, but when you are eating loudly with any food, it disgusts me and annoys me.

pet peeve number three: not admitting your feelings. this is one i am guilty of a lot. it's not that i don't admit them to myself, because i do. but i have a really hard time admitting my feelings to others, even my parents. i get annoyed with myself because of it, but i am working on trying harder with it. but it really bugs me when i can clearly see that something is wrong with someone and they say they are totally fine. maybe it's because i hate seeing others in pain or in bad moods and i want to try to help, but at least admit something is wrong, even if you don't want to talk about it.

pet peeve number four: ignoring your friends. lately i seem to be the friend who is being ignored, and it pisses me off like none other. i get it if your busy or someplace where you can't have your phone, that's legit. but when you are at home on skype and still ignoring me, i want to scream. (and then normally a very angry text is sent and i say i'm done. i'm getting better at being semi-confrontational and talking things out)

pet peeve number five: parents taking kids sports way to seriously. thankfully i did not have parents like that. my parents said as long as i was having fun it was okay. and i did have fun, and i miss soccer at times. but the parents who yell at the kids for making a little mistake is just horrible. the kids are learning the game. it's sad that places have to have signs up to remind parents of this.
if you need this sign, i personally feel like you shouldn't be at the game for while. kids have a giant place in my heart, and when you talk down to a child or degrade a child, i lose respect, whether i know you are not. i could keep going on this but i should probably end it now. 

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