Tuesday, August 7, 2012

6. your views on mainstream music

if by mainstream music you mean justin beiber, taylor swift, or whoever sings that really annoying call me song...i very much want to shoot my radio when i hear that useless noise. all of them seem to have the same point of their songs..."i like someone and want to find a way to talk to them but can't because i don't know what i'm doing because i'm 17" plus they sound whiny. i am also losing my admiration for adele, strictly because her songs are waaaaayyy over played. i really hate when we have the radio at work on the hits station, because you literally hear they exact same annoying songs every hour, and i just want to punch the radio when that happens. (usually i just go change it to 80's or 90's music instead)

i feel like now-a-days it's really hard to find good new music. most of the time i tend to start listening to the classic rock station instead of the hits stations (normally i listen to country, even though they had some really annoying songs also) i feel like our expectations of music has really gone down. we seem to just want noise that sounds the same no matter who is producing it. we don't seem to care about lyrics anymore. when i hear music, not only do i want the good music, i want good lyrics. my brother listens to roger clyne and peacemakers, and about a year ago, when i was at his house last, it was about all he was listening to. it's good music, and his lyrics have meaning. if you haven't heard it, i suggest checking them out. (pandora is my favorite way of checking out bands)

i may listen to a lot of music, but i'm still kinda picky about the music i like. sometimes i listen to most music just to have some background noise. so i guess you can say i really dislike mainstream music.

what music do you like?

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