Friday, August 10, 2012

high five for friday!

this week hasn't been quite as hard/stressful as the past few, but it's still been kinda crazy. finals for this term are next week, and then i have a little break and start again after labor day. also, as i'm writing this i'm watching the Russians in synchronized swimming, and holy cow this is a crazy sport. Russians apparently dominate. but on with my highlights of the week with from my grey desk.

one. lunch with ashley. so i love my small group dearly. my leaders husband is in med school and is doing his rotations, but the stuff he's doing isn't really around kc, so he is in san antonio for the month, and then he is off to washington next month. since she is hubby-less for the next few months, and hasn't started school yet (she's a middle school science teacher) we decided to get together and have some lunch. it was great to have some one on one time with her. she's been a great leader and i really don't want to see her move, whenever that is happening.

two. sunday lunch with kimmy. sunday after church my friend and i got some lunch together. she's also in my small group, but i really enjoy one on one time with those gals as well, so it's awesome i was able to have lunch with two of them in the same week is awesome. she's decided to go back to school and do some business classes, so she is starting one this semester and is kind of nervous about it. i think she will do great with it though.

three. doctor who on entertainment weekly. so i don't usually care about entertainment weekly, but when i got home from work wednesday someone (my brother) had put it on my bed because everyone here knows i'm in love with doctor who. i was beyond excited to see it, and am definitely putting that one into my collection. (and on a side note - i finished my doctor who book this week. fabulous!)
i may have gone semi picture crazy with it.

this was an awesome picture of the TARDIS before the article. it's now the background on my phone.

and daleks are easily my favorite enemy of the doctor. 

four. rain. wednesday night it finally rained! i was so excited. it was a ridiculously windy rain, and it didn't last nearly as long as i had hoped, or as long as we needed, but rained. rain always makes me want some starbucks, so i figured since it's so close to class, i'd stop by. i screwed up my guy and didn't get my usual. i needed something hot for when it's raining, and went with a chai tea with shots instead of my frappuccino.

the clouds were cool to see as i was leaving the house. 

five. cleaned my room. okay i know it's possibly really weird that something like cleaning my room is on here, but you have no idea how big of a deal it is for me haha. so i haven't actually had the opportunity to clean my room is about forever, so sunday afternoon after lunch with kimmy, i spent the rest of the day tackling my room. it seriously took me all day, and it was better than it was before. some things still need some improvement, but it shocked the rest of my family so i'm good with that for now haha.

love doing the highlights of my week. did y'all have a good week? if not, i hope your weekend is better!

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