Thursday, August 8, 2013

20 facts

holy cow it's been a long time since i've been over here! sorry =[ if anyone cares, my ankle has been doing better. the dr said i can just do pt stuff on my own and check back with her in about 6 weeks. i just really want to be able to run again.

anywho. my friend erin over at posted 20 facts about herself. and i figured why not join in.

1. i love my job but sometimes feel like it's not what i'm meant to do.
2. i would love to start my own photography business as soon as possible. (or work full time as a photographer)
3. my brother is my best male friend
4. a lot of my friends live far away, and it kinda sucks a lot.
5. i want to have lots of land so i can have a few horses.
6. i love my sweet cat. i would love to have another one again to keep her company.
7. one of my favorite places to be in the summer is kauffman stadium.
8. my other favorite summer place is camp.
9. i got baptized in the creek at camp, and it's a great quick story to tell.
10. i tend to always spell recieve wrong, but almost never correct it.
11. i love babysitting my friends kids, but i'm not sure if i want some of my own.
12. i'm a night owl and really hate mornings, especially when i have to use an alarm clock.
13. sunday is usually the only day i wear make up.
14. i get really nervous at the thought of praying out loud or singing in front of people.
15. i'm super awkward around guys i don't know.
16. small talk does not come easily to me. it's actually something i dread, and then i feel like i come off as rude, which makes me feel bad.
17. baseball is my favorite sport to watch, closely followed by football and soccer.
18. i played soccer when i was little, and really miss it at times.
19. i really miss running. i haven't been able to run since june 29 and it's been killing me.
20. it's hard for me to think of 20 random facts about myself. this possibly took longer than it should have haha.