Wednesday, November 6, 2013

thankful. days 1-5

rather than writing a daily post of what i'm thankful for, i will be doing it each week instead. if you follow me on instagram, then you'll see the daily posts. here i'll just expand on them a bit. so here's the recap from days 1-5

day 1. traveling. i had the joy of going to texas this weekend. i love traveling and flying and i'm thankful when i get the opportunity to. i got to see my house/hometown during take off (a perk of living close to the airport) and i love getting to see the land and cities from the air. seeing the cities at night is amazing. as much as i wish i had the money and time to travel more often, i'm thankful that i still get the opportunity to every now and then.

day 2. seeing family. thankfully we got to see my brother and his family before they left texas. ethan went home, and the kristen and the kids went to see her family. it was great to spend time with them, even if it was a short while. i love these people and wish i got to spend more time with them. it was so much fun spending time with them, and it just made the whole trip worth it. (my niece was pretty excited to tell grandpa she was 4 years old now. and my nephew just went around austin introducing himself to everyone) i can't wait til the next time i get to see these people.

day 3. these great red cups. every sunday i get coffee. this sunday i wasn't able to get it before church (this starbucks was very well hidden) but my sweet daddy made sure we found it after church. the rest of sunday was spent in san antonio, remembering the alamo and going on the river walk they have down town. also, who isn't super stoked that the red cups are out now! 

day 4. compassion international. for those of you who don't know, about a month ago my friend and i decided to make the commitment to sponsor a little girl in columbia through compassion. this is our girl, helen sharit santiago ortega. i am thankful for the work compassion does. my church raised money to build two churches in columbia. one in cartagena, one in cucuta. compassion works through the local church to help children get out of poverty and learn about Christ. i'm so thankful that grace and i decided to join them in helping not just helen, but all of the kids in cartagena and throughout the world. i hope one day we get the chance to go to columbia and meet helen. 

day 5. all my mugs. this may sound like a silly one, but i love my mugs. they all have a special meaning to me. one of the mugs pictured here was a birthday gift from my friend, and i love it. she's one of my best friends, and i love the fact that she buys me mugs haha. pretty much every mug is my favorite, for different reasons. it's one of those times i'm thankful for conspicuous consumption and my mugs.