Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10. first ten songs on shuffle.

so i have like three different music players on my computer, so i wasn't totally sure which one i wanted to use. i stuck with the typical iTunes this time. let's see what craziness we get today with my music.

1. give it all away - aaron shust. i love aaron shust. he's got some great music and it has a tendency to put me in a good mood and inspire me. (this song is always first because its on the top of the list every time i open itunes.

2. strawberry fields forever - across the universe soundtrack. despite what everyone else said about this movie, i really enjoyed it. maybe it's because i wished i grew up in that era. maybe its because i love the beetles. who knows. but i liked it enough to buy the soundtrack and the movie.

3. health club stuff - brian regan. i know he's not technically a "song" but i think he is hilarious. and this one part is even funnier to me since i work at the Y and give people tours of the gym and kinda describe the machines to them. if you haven't heard brian regan, i suggest you check him out.

4. teclar - os mutantes. so i can't really say anything about this song, because apparently i haven't listened to it in two years. (i have a lot of music and it's hard to hear everything.) it's got a nice vibe to it though.

5. hell on heels - pistol annies. i love miranda lambert, and have liked her group from what i've heard of them. now i am by no means up for using a man, but when i'm in a bad mood, i listen to this song and it makes me perk up. i love songs that bring out confidence in you, and that's what this song does for me.

6. shiny clean - caleb jude green. i absolutely love caleb's music. i found him back when myspace was popular (anyone else feel old when mention of myspace is brought up?) i highly suggest listening to him. he pretty much does everything acoustic. and he brings his christian faith into his songs.

7. do i - luke bryan. can i just say i am madly in love with luke bryan. if he wasn't already married, i would totally jump on that. i think i need to find a man who will sing luke bryan songs to me (or really just any song) in my fantasies, when i have a fight with someone, they start singing this song and i melt.

8. sinners like me - eric church. holy cow this song is truth. not necessarily the whole thing for me personally, but i love the end when he talks about standing "in a long line of sinners like me" while he's waiting to see Jesus. it's what we will all be doing. this is easily one of my favorite eric church songs, because i am one of those sinners.

9.  would it matter - skillet. first off, who doesn't love skillet? if you can name someone, we need to change that. this song is about looking back and thinking about changing the things you did or didn't do, and wondering if it would even make a difference. and wondering if things changed now, would it matter to those around you. i think one reason i like this song so much, is because we all have moments like that. i have honestly been having them a lot lately. sometimes i spend too much time in the past, but i need to remember i would be a totally different person if i did even one thing different, so yes it would matter and it would make a difference.

10. hank it - justin moore. he is quite possibly one of my favorite shows to go to. this song is really more my cousins though. on my mom's side, we are the one family that didn't grow up on a farm, so we were the city slickers. (but compared to other people, we are country. yay little towns near real cities!) i still love country music the best though.

told you i have a lot of music. i never know what to expect, and it's so much more fun that way. and this is just a little taste of it.

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Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for people who don't love Luke Bryan..lol! JK.