Saturday, January 19, 2013

happy day

sooo....this week has been kinda crazy. 

last saturday i went to dinner and bowling with some girl friends for my birthday(which was the 8). it was a ton of fun and it was great to just have a girls night. one of my friends got me a sweet pink and black plaid hat. it's so warm. she also got me a fun mug that i am ready to have some hot cocoa in. my other friend got me Jesus calling. i haven't started it yet, but am super excited to. that gift also included chris tomlin's new cd, a new pen, and a book of post-its. i have some pretty sweet friends. 

monday was pretty normal, just work and class. then tuesday i got a call from cvs saying i had some paperwork to fill out and that i had a new hire orientation to go to. ahhh! 

wednesday felt ridiculously long (it's my 12 hour day away from home for the next few weeks) but it was great to start small group again. our group is kind of big this session, which is awesome. and this session my friend and i are apprenticing, so in the summer we will start co-leading the group, and i'm super excited for this journey. this friend also got me a fedora and gave it to me at group. (i have a thing for hats ;)) 

thursday was the new hire orientation for cvs. one step closer to starting! luckily, it did not feel like i was sitting in a room for 4 hours. it went by pretty quickly and the guy kept it's pretty interesting. i still have one more training to go to. it's one that's specifically for the pharmacy, and after i do that one, then i can officially be put on the schedule as a pharm tech. for now i will be doing both the y and cvs, and i will start to transition out of the y. i'm hoping i can stay on there for like one or two days a week, and work most of the time at cvs. it's exciting to for one have a new job, and for two have a job that's related to what i'm going to school for. 

so i don't work on saturday's anymore, so today was weird having nothing to do. i have a slight feeling this may not last for long haha. anyways, hope ya'll had a good week! God bless =]

Saturday, January 12, 2013

i like....

british television. netflix is so great at getting me hooked. it started a few years ago when my brother introduced me to doctor who. (i'm obsessed with doctor who!) my thought was how had i gone so long with out knowing of such a fantastic show. he also showed me the it crowd. then i looked up more british shows on netflix. i watched sherlock, and holy cow i love that one as well! both of them are written by steven moffat, which is possibly one reason i really like them both. lately i've been catching up on a "older" (as in only three seasons and then it's done-zo) series called torchwood, a spin-off of doctor who. i enjoy their version of sci-fi and seeing the aliens they have. (so far daleks from doctor who are definitely my favorite) my mom and i also have been watching downton abbey lately. we have the first two seasons on dvd and watched the premier of season three on pbs sunday when it came on. (i would recommend any of these shows)

one thing i admire about british television is that they really focus on the skill of acting, not just having a specific person at a role because of who they are. in britain, it's basically if you can't do a shakespearean play, then you aren't going to make it. (and it's a bonus that i find some of the guys really cute) my co-worker and i have joked that we will basically watch any show that has a british accent or british actor in it. it's a pretty true statement.

i'm linking up today with alesha from blessed to be a blessing today for her "i like" saturdays. i'm excited to do this and see what everyone else likes.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

happy new year!

i hope everyone had a good new years eve/new years day. i know i sure did haha. new years eve i went bowling and to ihop with my old youth group. it was nice to see them again and hang out. i am not the best bowler, but i still had a fun time. then i went to a gal's house from small group, and hung out with her and some friends as we rung in the new year. it was great to hang out and meet some of her friends. then new years day we had my mom's side of the family down to celebrate christmas. (it was a lot smaller than normal) it was great to just hang out with family, even if my cousins sweet son got sick. i feel bad for the boy, and pray he is feeling better soon.

so i'm not a new year's resolutions person. because i always fail at them. like horribly. typically because i don't write them down and i forget them. i mean yes there are things i need to work on, and yes it makes sense to start them at the start of the year. but i figure i need to start them at any point. and if i break one, or forget what it is, then i can just start again the next day.

i have some goals though. in no particular order:
1. run a 5k in under 44 minutes, and hopefully be able to run the whole thing, but it's okay if i need to walk some. (i'm doing the dam to dam again this year with my aunt on june 1, so i have 5 months to train)
2. lose 35 pounds by my best friends wedding on june 8. i think training/running will help with this. but i also need to be doing weights and resistance more, and i need to be eating healthier.
3. make more time for reading my Bible. reading plans on youversion and definitely a good start, and a way to help with consistency, but i know i need to be doing more.
4. get better about praying. praying is one of the hardest aspects for me. the kids city director at church once asked me to rank journaling, bible reading, and praying in order from easiest to hardest. journaling is easiest for me (even if it's hard for me to stay consistent with this) and bible reading plans are making that easier, but praying is my hardest. i don't know if it's because i want an immediate response, to feel like i'm not having a one sided conversation or what.
5. get more consistent with this blog. it's not that i forget about it. but i feel like i struggle with knowing what to write, and i don't want to sound like i'm just rambling. i want to have a purpose to this, and i feel like right now it's a mix of randomness. but it's something i will be working on.

if you can help me keep track of these goals, even if it's just asking me how i'm with a certain one or all of them, i would greatly appreciate it. and i can do the same for you.

in other news, i got a job at cvs working as a pharmacy technician, which is super exciting since it's a change from the y and it's what i'm going to school for. they said i should be starting jan 12, so i'm pretty stoked. plus it's now 6 days until my birthday! i love my birthday, so i'm really excited that it's so close.