Friday, August 3, 2012

high five for friday!

linking up again with from my gray desk. it's been long and kinda bad week, so i'm honestly not sure if i will even have five things on here. we'll try though. and if y'all could just pray for me to have some strength, i would greatly appreciate it.

one. i get to meet baby emmett!!!!! i'm bringing dinner to some of my dear friends hilary and alan this evening, and i get to meet their baby boy emmett. hilary's instagram feed is full of his precious little face and i'm so excited to see them and meet him.

two. family time. last night i went with my parents to the visitation of my grandpa's cousin. i don't really remember her from my childhood, just because i was so young, but i went with them anyways. i was able to see my aunt, uncle, and grandparents, and got reintroduced to a majority of people
this is kind of how i felt last night. they all remembered me but i didn't remember any of them

three. ordered new glasses. am i weird or what to have this on my list. yesterday jessica at lovely little things had a post about a site called firmoo where you can get glasses for cheap. i just had to check out it. the ones she got are super adorable! and i'm super excited to get these little gems. 

four. small group. last week i had to miss small group with set a bad tone for the whole week. (i had also missed church on sunday because we were driving home from nebraska then) so i was beyond stoked to get back into the grove and spend time with my dear small group. it's a great group of young women and i love all of them dearly. i don't know how i got through life without them.

five. these. so i found some little comic books laying around at work last friday night. it was super exciting for me. like i can't even describe it. they helped my slow friday evening go by a bit faster. (the girl i was working with couldn't believe how excited i got to see them laying around) 


Janna Renee said...

I need to go to the eye doctor...I keep putting it off, but I want cute new glasses too!

Erin said...

i saw those glasses on jessica's blog, too! will have to go check them out :)