Thursday, December 20, 2012

infinity awesome points to my brother

so last night/this morning we got a bad snow storm here in the midwest. this means my driveway sucks a ton! and apparently i was the one person stupid enough to keep my doctor's appointment today. possibly because this is my only day that they are open for a while. so i have a sloped driveway, which in normal conditions isn't bad at all. but when it snows, and the snow is pretty packed at the bottom, plus having the plow throw more snow over, it can be hard to get up in the winter, especially in a small car.

so guess who gets stuck at the bottom of the driveway today? like couldn't go forward or back at all. full on stuck. thankfully for me, my brother was home. he helped me attempt to dig my car out. luckily for me, he knew what he was doing, or else i would still be out there having no idea what to do. he was able to help me dig out my car, and he was able to get it up the driveway. this is just more proof i have an awesome brother and an awesome family. needless to say, i am not going anywhere for the rest of the day unless i absolutely have to, or unless someone else is driving.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


the events that happened yesterday break my heart. there is no other way to put it. while i was at work, hanging out with 4 preschoolers/toddlers, half a country away so many kids were hearing gun shots, and some where seeing them, and dying from them. it breaks my heart to even think of a child getting hurt, let alone going to a safe place only to find out it's not so safe any more.

i don't get how anyone can hurt a child on purpose. children can't fight for themselves and defend themselves the same way adults can. these children went to school, a place where they are supposed to feel safe, and then this man comes in with guns and hurts them and kills them. it makes absolutely no sense to me. i can't fathom how that community feels, and how those families feel.

i pray for all of the response teams that were there. those people have such a great strength to do a job that i know i could never do. they are willing to run into building, not knowing if there is going to be gun shots, or if the person is even there still. i cant imagine what it was like for those who had to tell parents about their child won't be coming home with them. i can't imagine having to tell someone their child went to school, and got shot, or went to school and died. it makes me cry thinking about it.

i pray for the family of this young man. he obviously had something wrong, and i in no way blame the family for that. i pray that they are not judged or condemned for the acts of their brother/son/grandson/nephew/whoever. people usually seem to forget that the family of the shooter has also lost a loved one, and in this case two loved ones. it's a pain i choose not to think about right now. they need prayers just as much as everyone else.

i can't fathom what brought him to do this horrible act. i can't fathom why he would shoot multiple children, multiple times. i don't have kids. i'm no where near that point in life. but i love the kids i watch at work, and God has given me a heart for kids. acts like this break my heart right now. i can't imagine what it would be like if i did have kids. i pray for the whole community of newtown, ct. i pray for the parents, families, responders, teachers, staff, everyone involved. i pray for america.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

dresses for sale!

so, i have like 7 dresses that i am looking to get rid of. they are on ebay, but i will post them here and see if any of you lovely ladies want them for a better price. and if you think they are over priced, let me know and we can work something out. they are all in good condition, a few have only been worn once or twice. (i'm not the biggest dress girl)

1. black and white floral dress from dressbarn - size 12 - $20-30

2. red dress with black trim from ruby rox - size 11 - $20-30

3. black sequin dress from cdc clothing - size 12 - $10-15

4. blue and white striped dress from merona - size 12 - $25-30

5. cornflower blue bridesmaide dress from david's bridal - size 14 - $50-75 

6. pink and chocolate bridesmaid dress from forever yours - size 10 - $50-75

7. pink and white a-line prom dress from jump apparel - size 15/16 - $25-35 

if you are interested, or know someone who might be, email me.

holy cow

my birthday is in less than a month. i'm a huge fan of birthdays, and would normally have a countdown started a few months ago. but for some reason that didn't happen this year. i didn't even realize this until last night when i was getting some kids' city stuff from our director. (i had mentioned i'm a 22 year old with no life, and that's when it hit me i can only say 22 for another month) i'm still super excited for my birthday, but for some reason 23 sounds like a lot for me.

i never really do anything for my birthday, just because we didn't really do parties growing up. i do, however, always go to applebee's for dinner and have them sing happy birthday to me. for my 21 birthday my mom took my best friend and i ice skating at crown center and then we convinced her to go into the crayola store, and we got giant coloring pages. it was pretty rad.

i may try to get together with my small group and do something. not sure yet though. i really need to get planning on this. if y'all have any ideas, throw them my way. hope y'all have a great sunday!