Wednesday, June 3, 2015

it's been a while

holy wowza it's been quite a long time since i've been in this neck of the woods. life has been kinda crazy around here.

in january i moved into my own apartment. it's very slowly feeling like my own place, but other times it still feels like an extended house-sitting session. i really like having my own place though, and love having jeanette over on monday nights to watch the bachelorette with me. i also got rid of my facebook account around my birthday as well. crazy to thing that's part of how i haven't been around here in a while.

in february i started working at my new job. i am still not used to getting up so early, but thankfully God put me near some places to easily get coffee. but i also really like getting off work early, so it's worth it. i love this job though. (around mid-february i had a really bad week, but that friday was good at work when i got to hear a super brand new baby cry - nothing can really beat that sweet sound)

march was fairly uneventful, just getting used to this new life.

april is when i started a second new job. it's supposed to be every other weekend, and maybe by july it will actually work out that way. so i've been working like a fool. it's great for trying to get things paid off, but hard for any form of social life.

may was an exciting month. my big brother officially graduated from ku! i'm extremely proud of him for it. i don't even complain to him about the fact that my shoulder is STILL nasty from the sunburn i got that day. i also did the dam to dam 5k in des moines with my aunt and cousins. it wasn't a great time, 45:56, but i don't think it's really all that bad considering i had done NO training what so ever for it. every year i keep saying that i will get back into running, and every year it doesn't work out for me. what is something you do to get motivated for it and stay motivated?

in the few months since i've moved out, i feel like my relationship has had big ups and downs already. at first, i think i was trying to do too much of life on my own, and i think that is one thing that contributed to my really bad freak out week in february. for a while i was having doubts about if it was the right move, about if i was supposed to stay in the northland. recently, i feel like our relationship has been going up again. i have been trying to get back into praying daily and reading my Bible daily. some days are still hard to do it, but i need to work on making it a priority. i recently emailed my pastors about getting baptized again. the next scheduled baptisms from sunday morning church is july 19, or july 26 if i go with my saturday night church. or they said we could try to do it sometime earlier. it's been a big decision for me, and i am excited to see how it helps me.

also recently, like within the past week, i have been trying to figure out how to pray for my relationship with my future husband. it's hard to pray for someone who you don't know at all though. how do you pray for your future husband when you have no idea who he is? how do you know what to pray for specifically, and how to encourage him, when you don't know what is going on in his life?