Friday, August 17, 2012

high five for friday!

linking up with from my grey desk again for some up points of my week.

one. an abundance of coffee dates. so i managed to have three coffee dates in two days, and two of them happened to be in one day. i absolutely love coffee dates, they are my favorite. i had one with lindsey to talk about my role in kids' city at church. i had one with tabitha to catch up and meet her adorable baby boy. (he's six months old and i hadn't met him til yesterday!!) and then had one with joe just to catch up, hadn't seen him in a long time.

two. final. i am officially done with classes for a few weeks. i know for sure that in one class i got an A, because she emailed us and told us our final grades. and i'm really hoping and praying that i was able to keep my A in the other class. i've really been working at these grades, so i hope they stayed as A's and are worth it. (i get discouraged when i work hard and don't get a good grade)

three. working more. i am excited that i've semi been getting more hours at work. (this whole being student and always poor is getting old) i'm still looking for a new job, but it's nice that i've been able to get some more hours here and there. hopefully this trend continues next month as well.

four. new tires on my car. i was having some tire pressure issues these past few weeks. since i was planning on going to jeff city this weekend, dad decided we should get it checked out. i got four new tires and realignment out of the deal.

five. running. so i recently made this goal of running 50 miles by the end of the year. this way i have a goal to keep me running and motivated. i have been trying to find time to do it around my schedule before it gets too dark out (i'm not at all a morning person, so waking up early to run doesn't work for me. i tried it before and it made me soooo tired for the rest of the day) it was difficult to try to work it around work and class and homework. now that classes are over for a while, and next term is online classes, it should hopefully be easier for me to set aside time to run. so tuesday after my final, i had dinner with dad and got in a quick run after. it felt great.

hope you guys have had a great week!

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Erin said...

way to go on running - waking up early to work out doesn't work at all for me either, always work out later. i need to start running again - good job girl! :)