Friday, July 27, 2012

high five for friday

it's that time again! linking up with from my grey desk for high five for friday. this week has been really stressful so i need to look back at my high lights.

one. wedding time. so saturday is my dear friends wedding. she has been like a big sister to me, and i'm so super excited to see her get married! it's up in grand island, ne, so my parents and i are driving up tonight and staying until sunday. (a little part of me wishes we were doing it in the one day that i know we could do it in. i sadly have personal issues about being there sunday). kinda wish my brother was going with us, but he will be working when we leave so he is staying here.

two. reconnecting with some friends. so it's really easy to stay connected with my girl friends, but more difficult with my guy friends. (i'm kinda awkward in this whole having a boyfriend for the first time in three years thing, so i never know how to act around guys anymore for a while) but lately i have been intentionally trying to reconnect with some of my guy friends. i have one in oregon, we used to talk all the time. the other night he said the oldest text from me was 7 months ago (that means we have only sent 1000 texts in 7 months, which coming from me is barely talking at all) and we are trying to get back to having a good friendship.

three. date night with dad. so in case it isn't obvious yet, i spend a lot of time with my dad. we go on "dates" a lot. wednesday we had a lunch date for his day off, thursday night we had a dinner date while mom went to her water aerobics. i always look forwards to dates with my dad, even though he always tells me i'm a more expensive date than my mom.

four. encouraging best friends. like i said earlier, this week wasn't the best for me. i have been having some issues and my friends have been encouraging me through it. this may sound weird, but right now i mostly wish i could move out just so i could have a desk to do my work/blog at. (right now the couch and my lap make up my desk and it's not working out so well) one friend told me it was perfectly okay. last night i was having issues about how i'm not really looking forward to a weekend alone in a hotel with my parents, and they told me i'm not a horrible daughter for feeling that way, and that i probably just need some time away from them all the time (except there is no probably)

five. extra hours at work. yeah, work made it onto the list. so despite the fact that i have some issues with my work, i am in desperate need of hours. thursday was a day when we had only one director in the building, and the only person scheduled was a newbie. so i was super stoked to get even four extra hours in this week. and ami made it sound like i will be getting some more hours in august, so i'm ready. i'm still looking for a new job, but taking as many hours as i can get at work in the mean time.

i hope ya'll had a better week than i did, or at least a less stressful week. now i need to go pack for our little trip so i'm ready when i get off.

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found your blog from Hi Five Fridays! It's so darling that you go on dates with your dad!! :) New Follower Here!
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