Friday, August 10, 2012

8. what i ate today

so i can't imagine how exciting this one is going to be, but i still gotta do it. (be warned: i'm not always the best eater, and today definitely shows that, but this is not a normal eating day for me)

i'm not really a breakfast person. very rarely do i eat it, and if i do it's something small like a granola bar. my parents tried to make sure we ate breakfast when we were younger, but eventually just gave up fighting us to get up. (i really like my sleep in the morning) so needless to say i did not eat breakfast this morning.

a bit before lunch i had to go get my brother signed up for the susan g komen race for the cure that's happening sunday (he's only doing it because his girlfriend is and she convinced him to do it.) so since i was already down in the barry road area, i stopped by starbucks and got some coffee (i've been bad about stopping by starbucks every day this week =/) and i know this is going to sounds weird, but i love starbucks and taco bell together, so i stopped by taco bell and got some burritos. (judge me if you will, i like it) then i continued with homework until work.

so when i work the later shift on fridays, my parents really don't like to wait til i'm off to eat. (i get off at 8 and apparently that's too late on a friday night to eat, even though it's the normal time for me) so i'm usually on my own those nights. and tonight i was just flat out lazy and drove through burger king for some burgers and chicken nuggets. (no matter how old i am, i love chicken nuggets)

really boring and unhealthy, i know. i'm gonna try to make up for it tomorrow.

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