Saturday, August 11, 2012

9. how important you think education is

i think education is very important. i am totally aware that it's not for everyone, and there is nothing wrong with that. i feel like if you have the opportunity and means to continue your education, i think it's important to at least give it a shot. i have continued to be in school since high school (granted its only been four years) and i have not regretted it. (i may have regretted some of the decisions i made, but not the education itself) i also know some people who haven't been in school for years, and are going back to see if they can do it, and i think that is awesome. i guess one reason i feel education is important is because i want to do pharmacy or nursing, which both require a lot  of education. (i am taking pharmacy technician classes right now) the other night at work, i had a friend even ask me why i had to do all this "smart stuff". i laughed. it's been taking a lot of work from me, and it's been stressing me out like none other. (if i post less than normal next week it's because i have finals then, and then off to see my bff for her birthday!!!)

but like i said, i know that education is not for everyone. part of this is because my parents made sure i was aware of stuff like this. when ever i get really stressed about school (which is a lot lately) my dad gives me a reality check that there is no law that says you have to go school, or that you have to graduate with a bachelor's by the time you are 22. well i'm 22 and haven't even technically made it to an associates. (i have the hours, but they aren't specific enough to an associates. i'm working to get an a.a.s. with these pharmacy tech classes) other people just know what to do without education. i feel like sometimes they can do better than those with an education.

i don't care if you chose to continue an education or not. i know that some people may think less of others if they chose to go straight to work. i don't understand. there is no law saying you have to school to school. it's completely up to you, and it's your life, so i can't judge or think less of someone because they chose to turn down a scholarship to some school to go into a career that they already know and love. there are people who get degrees in fields they don't love, and stuck at jobs they hate, because they thought it would make them happy.

i want a job i will love. and if that means i need an education, cool. if it means an education isn't a requirement, or is just a piece of paper, then why have i been wasting my time for the last four years?

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Erin said...

amen sister - you are so wise :)