Monday, August 20, 2012

happy birthday best friend!

so ya know how i said earlier that i could write a whole post on my best friend? well today is her 22nd birthday, and this post is for her.
this is basically christina 

christina grew up as an army brat, and came to good ol' pc mo middle of fifth grade. so wayyyy back in january of 2001. (that sounds like forever ago) we hung out, both enjoyed the same things, and became friends. in sixth grade we were in band together. we both were/are flute players, so we sat next to each other and annoyed the crap out of our band director. (we talked...a lot) this trend continued for the next three years until high school. for a few years we went to band camp together and were in the same band there, so of course we tried to sit with each other there also. i go through middle school years fast because we "fought" a lot then, meaning i had a really bad temper then and would not talk to her for a few days at a time. (thank the lord she stuck with me though) it was usually over really stupid stuff too. but when i wasn't choosing to be mad at her for things i can't remember, we were pretty much always together. we spent tons of time at each others houses, at the parks, or at the coffee shop in town. (it was pretty much our second home) in 7th or 8th grade, we thought she was going to move to texas. i came home a cried like a baby the day she told me. i even asked if we could let her live here. thankfully all of that fell through and she stayed here.

most of these pretty much define our relationship. very rarely do we manage to take a normal picture

so then we get into high school. we stopped fighting over stupid things. (i can't think of a fight we have had since middle school) she continued with band, but i took a year off of music (horrible decision) and we ran track together. i always thought she was going to play soccer in high school, but never did. high school is really when our relationship got solid, even though we had been best friends for years. we did tech for plays together, did forensics together. (not the csi type of forensics, the speech and debate type) high school is when we truly were inseparable. after we graduated, she went into the marines, and i had the worst break up so far. it was so hard for me to not be able to call her and cry to her. so i wrote her a really random letter instead. i still have her letter back. when she came home for like a month, we were together almost 24/7. now she lives in jeff city, and is moving to georgia soon. i can't wait to see her in a few days.

christina - 
only we can manage to get locked in an open room.  only we would be crazy enough to have a sword and gun fight as seniors in high school. and who would have thought my mom would encourage us to blow bubbles in each others faces at a wedding.  i am so grateful to have you in my life.  you are basically the only person i can be goofing off with one minute, and crying to the next. thank you so much for being there for me along the way. you are truly a best friend and i can't imagine what my life was like before meeting you. i love  taking random pictures with you and somehow almost always making the same face without knowing it. i love barely ever taking a normal picture with you. i'm so glad you have pretty much become my sister over the past 11 years. (can you believe we've been friends this long?!) i can't wait to see where the rest of the years take us. i love you more than anything bestie. thanks for being a rock star best friend! have an awesome birthday, and we will celebrate it soon!


Natalie said...

its so good that you have a best friend like that (:

Erin said...

what a special friendship!! :) happy birthday to her!


Janna Renee said...

Happy birthday to your friend! I love all of the photos of the two of you! You guys definitely go way back and are two peas in a pod.