Wednesday, July 25, 2012

girl behind the blog numero dos

so i decided to do this link up again. i enjoyed it last time, and thought i would do it again. i'm still awkward/nervous with it, but i still had fun with it. pretty sure i will continue to do these. they are a great way to meet people and put a voice to the blog. (and yes i am wearing a hoody in the middle of summer when it is 87 outside. i don't kid when i say i'm almost always cold. and fun fact, this hoody was my dads when he was in pharmacy school. i love this hoody.) sorry for the horrible lighting. for some reason the living room always looks weird, especially with no natural light (darn me recording this so late)



Anonymous said...

Hey hey! Glad you linked up again! I am glad that you're giving yourself so much time for your weight loss goals. That is the best and most healthy way to do something like that. I think youre beautiful but as you mentioned your family history, I see why this is important to you. Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through TGBTB series! I understand why your goal is important to you, and I think it's great to do it a little at a time.

Erin said...

You are inspirational! :) I love your glasses, btw :)
Now following ya! xo

Chelsea said...

That's awesome that you already work at a gym! Living a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of work, but you've given yourself a good amount of time with reasonable goals. You've totally got this, girl!