Friday, July 20, 2012

high five for friday

man, the weeks just keep getting shorter and shorter. and it's not helping that i've been a hot mess for the past like month. (stress from school and haven't seen the boy in all this time. it's killing me) but it's time for the link up with from my grey desk for the high lights of this week.

one. county fair. so i love the county fair. i grew up going to the derby with dad, so that is the exact thing we did thursday night. saw a first this year. a car was going backwards across the field, hit the car it was going for, and then continued going, over the pit wall and into the safety area. all right in front of me. it was crazy and scary. one guy got hit, but was able to say he only got a broken foot and scraped up out of it. thank the lord it wasn't nearly as bad as it looked like it was going to be. and my neighbor got second in his heat, so it was great to watch him. tonight is the mud marathon and saturday is the tractor pull. i'm hoping i can go tonight also. i sure do love fair time.

two. yet another coffee date. sarah and i have been trying to be more consistent with hanging out and having coffee dates. we are having one tonight and i am super excited. i miss spending quality time with her and knowing what is going on in her life. plus you can never have enough coffee dates in my mind.

three. my small group. i have said it before and i will say it again. i love my small group dearly. it's such a great group of girls who are always willing to encourage me and pray with me. i know i can go to them about anything. plus this session i'm really liking the book we are doing. it's called "ephesians: finding true love" and it connects chick flicks with God's love for us, and the ephesians. it's been a great book so far, and i am excited to continue going through it.

four. my grades. we just had mid-terms and i found out i have an a in both of my classes!! this may seem crazy, but it's so hard for me to ever get an a in college. that fact that i still have them after the first half of the term is fantastic to me. it makes me feel like i actually have a chance at this. dad has always told me i'm smart, but lazy, and i'm trying to disprove the "lazy" part, not just when it comes to school.

five. glow run 5k. i know i said this last week also, but now it's on here because i actually finished it! i didn't feel good after about a mile, so i wound up walking the rest of it, and it took me longer than i had wanted, but i was still about to do it! it was a fun time, minus the feeling like i was going to pass out. i'm hoping to be able to do it again next year and do better. (also my brother asked me wednesday if i wanted to do the susan g komen 5k in august. having some mixed feelings on this one)

so that's my week. it was a good one for the most part. (really wish i could have seen the boy. it's killing me that i haven't seen him in a month) now i'm going to ice my wrist. hope ya'll had a great week also!

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