Thursday, July 12, 2012

life lately

life is catching up with me again. school is going pretty well, but it seems to be never ending. i'm just so ready to graduate and not have to do homework all the time. (i even have my homework up in another tab as i write this)

i'm looking for a new job yet again. it seems to be a never ending battle. but i got a message today from a place i applied to. calling them back after this and hoping it goes well. (please pray)

i have one last 5k this saturday night. i'm super excited for it. the other day my friend and i worked out together. sadly, it was the first time i had done anything more than running in a long time. still a bit but it feels good. =] hoping i can work out with her again soon.

so i've thought about doing weight watchers online lately to help me loose weight. my goal is to be at least 150 by my best friends wedding in june next week. and my end goal is to be down to 130. i talked with my parents about it and they said they would be willing to pay for it if i was serious about doing it. i think if i tell others about my goals then they can help keep me accountable and help me stay on track. (so please help with this. i will keep ya'll posted as i go)

also i finally darkened my hair again. first time since september! love it =]

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