Friday, July 13, 2012

high five for friday (plus one)

week number two of this link up with from my grey desk. i've been busy this week with homework and spotty internet, so that's why i've been kind of out of touch this past week, but on to my high points. (i'll be honest, i have more than one this time that hasn't quite happened yet)

one. royals game.  so this is going on tonight. it's yet another daddy daughter night. my royals are playing the white sox, and i love going to these games. my cousins from chicago and london will apparently be at this game too, so i might try to see them at some point in the game. (and yes, i do have a cousin who is living london and has been for the past few years) so stoked! PLUS....there are fireworks tonight no matter how the game turns out!

two. glow run 5k. another that hasn't happened yet. tomorrow night i am doing my last 5k for the summer. (i originally signed up for the dam to dam in the start of june, and wound up signing up for two crazy!) it's a night run, and we get all this fun glow in the dark stuff to plaster all over us, and i'm super stoked for it! i'm doing it with a friend from church and some of her co-workers. and how awesome is our team name....the flux capacitors. can't wait for it!

three. VBS. this week was vbs at the church i grew up at, and my parents still go there. mom said she would do crafts, so last night i went out and helped her. i was kind of useless with the big kids, but was able to help with the younger kids. i felt really old that there were only like 3-4 kids that i knew. but it's great to see that there was actually a good turn out for it. 

four. breakup with facebook. so tuesday i finally admitted to myself that i was spending far too much time on facebook, so i decided to take a little break from it. i'm actually really proud of myself that i have been able to go this long and not worry about it. i am also doing it because next term for school both my classes are online, so i needed to prepare myself for getting rid of distractions online. and saying bye-bye to facebook had to be the first one.

five. bff plans. so this one is kinda weird but totally exciting for me. so my best friend of all time lives in jefferson city, a good three hours from kansas city. she is also moving to georgia in october (the same month that the boy is leaving me to move to houston for school) so i'm needing to get another good hang out with her asap before she leaves. so we decided that in august i'm going to go out there for a long weekend for her bday. i know it's still a ways off, but it was definitely a highlight of my week to know that this is gonna happen.

plus one. time with a long lost friend. okay, so she's not really a long lost friend, but i haven't seen her in like forever and a decade so it was great to spend the day with her. she is working on loosing weight (and succeeding at it! down 13 pounds in just a few months!) and so we decided to work out together. it was great to actually have someone with me and help push me. (my work outs with partners last way longer than a work out by myself) after our work out, we came home and she helped me darken my hair again. first time since september that i've put chemicals in it. so happy with it haha. she also gave me this really awesome painting that she did. the reason she gave it to us was because after my grandma died, grace got almost all of her art supplies. so this oil painting was done with grandma's oils and she wanted to give it to us. it's pretty rocking. 

sorry this one was so long, i like talking about my high lights haha. 

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Elise @ The Jersey Flower said...

I really enjoyed this post :) I love going to baseball games with my dad as well. It's always been something we can enjoy together, no matter how well or bad our team is playing! Proud of you for the facebook bit -- I need to do that.

Happy Friday! ♥ Elise @