Monday, October 1, 2012

update on life

as always, school is slowing sucking the life out of me. it's not that these online classes are harder than i thought they would be, but they are way more time consuming than i originally thought. but i'm working at it and trying hard to do good. now i am also trying to figure out my fall schedule, which will start in two months. this is the part that is really killing me. it's looking like be set back a few quarters, or change my work schedule for a while. either option kinda kills me.

two weeks ago, my dear friend from camp got married. it was in kearney, ne. (5 hrs away) my sweet momma drove up there with me. the bride was pretty much the one person that i knew besides my mom. then after the wedding we saw one of my other dear friends there. it was great to see her and talk to her. she got married at the end of july so it was nice to catch up with her. northwest bearcats were playing a game up there against kearny. they won. it would have been fun to see the game if we had more time. go bearcats.

hard to see, but we saw some good ol' bearcat flags on the way to kearney

then this past saturday my parents, a friend from church, and i went to a theatrical adaptation of the screwtape letters. it was great to see. i have still never read the book, but i kind of knew what it was about. it was the one guy as screwtape (he said it took him 4 months to memorize it all), and the girl as toadpipe. toadpipe didn't talk at all, but has moments of acting out what screwtape was saying. super simple set, a table, chair, ottoman, and ladder. i would have love to talk to the lighting and sound guys. (i did backstage in high school and loved it) after the play, he did a q&a with the audience, so that was cool.
love the kansas city skyline. even when it's small like this. 

this was my first time in the kauffman center. holy cow it is gorgeous in there! i want to see the nutcracker here so bad (still haven't seen it in person)

the playbill. 

besides that my life has been pretty routine. working more, doing school work, never having time to hang out with people. small group has been going well. i really do love my small group dearly. this session we have two new people so far, and they are great. i'm also babysitting for another small group. 10 kids, and 2 sitters. it's kinda crazy, but the kids are great and i love being able to give the parents the time during the week to get together with other young parents and get into the word and community. glad to be able to serve that way. 

now for another photo dump 

so one sunday i went to check on little lane, and george was sitting in the stroller with the tray snapped on. 

he enjoyed being pushed around in it. it was great to watch. 

at work we were doing play-doh and beck was so excited that we made dinosaurs. 
sunset one night. i love sunsets and clouds.

dad's ku snuggy. 

my coworker who doesn't like ku was able to get bill selfs autograph for me. she scored major points with this haha. rock chalk!

this scarf was supposed to be a christmas present to a dear friend. it's only about a year late. 

still have a few more rows left on it, but it's almost ready to be given to her

cross section of a bone. i thought this picture was so cool in my anatomy book so i just had to share it. 

still working on getting my childhood movies to dvd, and have a few recent ones in here too. my kids are going to have great movies to watch. (this is just the cartoons too)

starting an odd project of taking a picture of me wearing all my chucks. i have way more than this, but i wear these three the most. 

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