Thursday, October 25, 2012

week of opportunities

so last night i led small group. it went really well and i'm so glad i had this opportunity. it was just 4 of us, so that kinda helped calm my nerves. it was so sweet of shelley to open up her home to us. she has such a cute little home. after group, we got a tour of it, and were able to stay and talk for a long it. it was great to get to know them more. these girls are becoming good friends of mine. i'm trying to be intentional of hanging out with them more than just at group. i met with ashley, the normal leader, on tuesday night, and talked to her about jeanette and i apprenticing her next session and starting co-leading in the summer. i am so excited for this journey! it's been on my heart for a while now, and i'm excited to be putting it into action.

when i got home last night, i looked at the mail i had on my bed, and i got my certificate from the board of pharmacy saying i'm officially registered to work in a pharmacy in the state of missouri! i was so excited to see it. this is super exciting for me since hopefully i can get a job as a tech, and actually work at what i'm going to school for.

then this afternoon i got a text from my childhood best friend asking if i was still into photography. she then asked if i wanted to do her engagement pictures. i was so excited that she asked me this. this will be my first time actually to photograph someone, not just bringing my camera with me and taking random pictures. she is thinking around thanksgiving time and just going to a park for the pictures. so at least it gives me some time to meet up with some photographer friends and get some tips and ideas.

on a not opportunistic note, friday is trunk 'n treat at work, and i'm excited to work it and wear my costume. i am curious how many parents will get it. (if you follow me on instagram you've already seen it) i love halloween and being able to dress up. and my costume is so comfortable, i may wear more than once haha. ashley said i could wear it to small group.

i also want to put some prayer requests up on here. my best friend told me last night her fiance's grandpa has meningitis. the doctors said they caught it in time and he should be okay, but i still want to pray for him and his family. also her aunt has cancer in her blood, and the doctors haven't given her very long. and lastly, a family friend passed away this week. his funeral is saturday and his mother has only one child left. this will be the third adult child she has had to bury, and i just want to pray for her to have strength during all of this. if you could help pray in these situations, it would mean so much to everyone involved.

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