Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 random facts about me

1. i hate getting my hair cut. i will tend to avoid it at all. i'm trying to grow it out and got it trimmed today for the first time since february. it would have been longer but i also wanted it colored so i did both.

2. i am obsessed with british shows. i spent almost my whole weekend watching doctor who, sherlock, and torchwood. i am beginning to think the british accent is normal. and i love it!

3. i have dimples in my shoulders. and a freckle on the arch of my right foot.

4. i still love to dress up for halloween every year. (i'm being daria this year, pretty stoked)

5. i watch golden girls almost every night. or the big bang theory. they make me happy

6. i am trying to shadow some friends and learn some tricks and tips for photography and photo editing. i mess around with it, but would like to figure out more of what i'm actually trying to do haha.

7. i dye my hair a lot. i've stopped using a box though, and have decided it's better for me to just cough up the money every now and then to get it done correctly.

8. i claim a lot of the kids from work as my own. a lot of them i have been watching since they were babies.

9. i have crappy vision, but i actually enjoy wearing my glasses. i can't wait to get to heaven and have good eyesight though.

10. no matter what mood i'm in, i love rocking out to bon jovi or pat benetar.

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