Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 geeky facts

so kara over at the snugly duckling had a post today about 10 geeky facts about  her. i read hers and so badly wanted to do one of my own. i'm aware that some of these are similar, and some are just random facts, but still. so here goes nothing =]

1. i'm obsessed with doctor who. i love the idea of being able to run away for a while and see space and time and aliens and fight the daleks and save the ood. it's such a great fantasy of mine. i have a TARDIS skin on my phone, and my text tone is the TARDIS. my ring tone used to be the theme, but i changed it to needtobreathe. i even have a pinterest board of just doctor who.

2. before classes started, i would read my anatomy book for fun. i love learning how the body works. it only took me like 20.5 years to figure out something i really enjoyed and wanted to know more about. my mom has even said that it was weird for her to see me wanting to know this stuff, and actually working to get good grades. (in high school i got good grades with barely trying so this is totally new for me)

3. frasier and the golden girls are some of my favorite shows. like oh golly frasier is hilarious in my mind. and i used to watch the golden girls with my grandma when i was little. now that i'm older and i get the jokes, it's even funnier. i also love the big bang theory. i so want neighbors like sheldon and leonard.

4. i can crochet and really want to learn to knit. my crocheting ability ends at one scarf pattern. i am trying to learn to make a baret/slouchy hat, and it's difficult for me. it also hurts my wrist at times. thankfully not as much as it was at christmas last year when i was making scarfs for everyone lol. i love making the one scarf over and over again. i'm finishing one that i didn't finish at christmas and then forgot where i put it for a year.

5. i've been told my glasses make me look like harry potter, but in a good way. what do you think? i was really going more for daria since i'm being her for halloween. can't wait to finish that outfit.

6. i really like to watch fact or faked and mythbusters. seeing the science and technique they used is so fascinating to me. 

7. i'm totally content sitting in bed at night  reading and having a candle burning. i'm reading still alice right now, and the author has a ph.d. in neuroscience, so she kind of explains alzheimer's disease, which is awesome to me. i also like in jodi picoult's book change of heart it explains the difference between hanging someone and using lethal injection. it was really interesting to me. then i wanted to know about other forms of capitol punishment. (it may sound bad, but this stuff is super interesting to me.)

8. i wish i could play the piano more, and i am thinking of brushing up on the flute. i did both for a while, and then quit band to do choir. i loved them all, and really want to get back into it. i miss how it made me feel. so hopefully i can start it all up again.

9. when i bake/cook, i tend to start wondering about the science of it. i know there is more to it than just mixing and baking. i want to know the chemical processes behind it. 

10. i love my camera. i am no where near a good photographer, but i try to just take pictures of things i like, and if they come out awesome then i feel all warm and fuzzy. like this picture from chicago that i look on a boat tour, while out on lake michigan. getting back to my cousin's house i was looking at the pictures i took along the ride, and my mom and aunt both thought this was a good one. now it's printed out and hanging on the wall at the entry of our house =]


Kara said...

I have a class that doesn't start until November, but I've already delved into the book. And I just started watching Dr. Who! It's a slow process, but it's coming!

Emily H. said...

are you enjoying doctor who? the first season wasn't really my favorite, but i loved the ones with david tennant and on haha.

Kara said...

Haha I've only gotten through the second episode. That's what everyone keeps telling me though. I just have to get through the first season!