Saturday, October 20, 2012

eek!! =D

so this past week has be spent working, trying to catch up on homework, and house/dog sitting for my friend while she is back home in california. pretty boring, i know, but her dogs are kinda cute. also, i got my first love club package today! so excited for that one =D

but i made a big decision at small group wednesday. our fearless leader will be having parent teacher conferences that night, so we will be meeting at another girls house, and i volunteered to lead the group. i'm actually super nervous about this but also pretty excited. she had kind of brought it up a week or two ago when we had dinner together. her and her husband will be moving soon for his schooling, and she is looking for someone to apprentice her and take over before she leaves. as we continued talking about it, she asked if i wanted to do it. i told her i would think about it, and then as she looked around her living room for a volunteer, i said i would do it this week. something i was not really expecting to come out of my mouth.

as i've sat in rose's living room watching doctor who and thinking more about this upcoming opportunity, i've thought, what if God wants me to be a leader for this group. i've seen it go from bre to ashley, and i've seen so many faces come and leave. i've been in this group for a bit over 2 years. it was the first small group i joined, and i'm not ready to leave my community of 10-12 wonderful young ladies. i was talking to one of the girls the other day, and she talked about us both apprenticing and co-leading in the summer session. i thought, and still think, it's a great idea. i would love to be able to have her do it with me. i guess it will be something we talk about more at dinner tonight.

i'm super excited for this opportunity and to see when it leads. when i told my mom about it that evening, she said she was excited for me. it's kind of ironic that both of my parents help as sunday school teachers, and after 22 and a half years with them, i will be leading a small group. i can't wait to see how it goes and share with ya'll in a few days! hope ya'll are having a great saturday and a great weekend!!


Janna Renee said...

Good luck on the opportunity! It sounds awesome!

Erin said...

How exciting! :) You will be amazing. Love you friend!