Tuesday, October 9, 2012


in high school i was not a list/schedule person. i was lazy and didn't make goals. i got fairly good grades with barely trying. so not me today.

i now live by my planner. it's on my computer, my phone, my gmail account, and the good old paper planner i carry with me everywhere.
i now make lists of things that i need to get done by a certain time.
i now try hard at my classes and desire to make good grades. (partly because i want to be a pharmacist, which is a very competitive program)
i now makes goals and try to better myself.

in august i made a goal to run/walk 50 miles by december 31. so far i have ran 8. (i count my time on the amt or elliptical as running) you would think working at a gym for 5 years, i would be in better shape. but i spend so much time there and i don't like having to come back at times. i use the app runkeeper on my phone to help me keep track fo these goals. they have some training programs, and i'm thinking of going back and starting the 5k training again. (i didn't finish it last time, but still finished three 5k's this summer) i want to be able to run the entire 5k by next year. if the things go the way i'm thinking, i will be able to do the dam to dam 5k in iowa the week before my best friends wedding. i would love to be able to say that i was able to do the whole thing without walking, and if i can get it below 44 minutes, that would be even better!

i also made a goal to weigh 150 by felicia's wedding in june (june 8 2013). now i may have a slight fear/hatred of the scale. i know i am more than I should be, and i want to get to a healthier weight. mostly i want to do this for health reasons. my dad's side of the family has a history of diabetes (i know at least dad and my grandparents have it) and i want to put off getting it as long as possible. i also want to be healthier for the family i will at some point have. i know i could continue to be over weight and lazy right now, but if i don't change now, it will only be harder later on. after felicia's wedding, i want to continue losing weight and be 130 by my 24 birthday (jan 8 2014). i know it's possible, i just need to stop having a hate/hate relationship with the scales. i might also do the "running 4 fat loss" program on runkeeper. (if you use runkeeper feel free to find me. my name there is just ejh937)

when i go to the gym to actually work out, i usually just do cardio, and i don't do it for that long. i know i should do weights, but they just don't interest me. maybe it's because i don't know what to do with them. i'm too poor to get a trainer again, although i know i need one. i need to have someone help keep me accountable, and someone to work out with. i do better when i am with someone. (they make it so i'm giving it my all, instead of just doing it to get it done) i also love to do pilates, but hate doing it through a video. my friend does it from her house, but i'm always busy when she's having her classes. sometimes i feel at a loss. 

do any of you have goals you want to achieve soon? do you have any good workout ideas? i would love if you would help keep me accountable and check up on my progress!


Janna Renee said...

I've heard that the Jillian Michael's videos are the best, and I would say take classes at the gym! I LOVE all the group fitness stuff. Good for you, making goals!

Emily H. said...

i've also heard good things about the jillian michael's videos. i can't take the classes though because i'm typically working or in class when we have classes going on. i'm trying to get at least one free evening so i can at least do the classes once a week.