Saturday, June 2, 2012

i did it!

i completed my first 5k this morning. so happy. it was a great morning for it, and i got to do it with my aunt and my cousin. we did the Dam to Dam 5k up in des moines. i'm so excited to say i was able to do it, and i got three seconds under my goal, which is even better! my goal was mainly just to be under the hour, but roughly around the 45 min mark. my chip time was 44:57. i can not begin to describe how awesome it feels. i can't wait to run my next 5k at the end of the month. it's the color run and i saw my friends pictures of it the other day and it looks more fun than i originally thought.

after the race we all went back to my aunt's house and hung out. i had a great time playing with jack, my cousin's son. i mean how can you not just fall in love with a cutie like him. he loves windows, doors, and talking. i loved just hanging out with my family and relaxing. we had a lot of people in that little house, but it was a great time.

i'm so thankful i was able to have this experience to spend time with family and run my first race. i'm so excited for the two more that i have coming up, and hopefully i can improve my time a bit. i'm also thankful for all of my awesome friends who have encouraged me throughout this whole experience. it's meant more than i can even begin to describe. have a great rest of your weekend!

did you do anything fun this week?

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