Wednesday, June 6, 2012

camp visit

i love camp. i've going up there for 16 years, and i am so glad to have it in my life. i went up tonight to visit the high schoolers, and i am so glad i did. saw many friends that i hardly ever see anymore, and heard one of my friends speak about something he is very passionate about, missions. the theme of camp this year is "thrive" and john 15:5 is the verse.

since i haven't been up there all week, i can't fully say what cole's previous talks have been about, but tonight he talked about missions, and interesting/depressing facts about it. he talked about the three different "parts" of the world. one where almost no one has heard of Christ, one where people have heard but not accepted, and one where people have heard and accepted. he talked about how hardly any of our resources are being used for missions. what was most depressing was the stats he gave about how of the five major unreached people groups. one of the worst ones was muslims, they are almost 20% of the world population, and hardly any christians mission to them. the ratio was around 1 for every 306,000. shocking doesn't even really begin to describe it.

this is a serious problem among the Christian community. i include myself in all of this talk. we so easily forget about the world around us. it's easy to form an "American bubble" and even easier to have a "Christian bubble". we forget that there are others out there, and they need more than we do in many ways. so much of the world is lost, and need so badly to hear about God and His love. i have not had the opportunity to go into other countries to share, but that is no excuse. i need to be looking at the people around me, and see what their needs are and meet them. even if it is something little, it means so much more, especially if you are genuine about it.

be looking for ways to help. even your heart isn't about doing the going, find another way, like help funding. i do not come from a "going" family, but we support different missionaries while they are out. we either give to them personally, or to the organization they are with. but i suggest making sure you do some research about the organization. we support the ones we do because we know people who have worked with them and know what they are truly about. you can also help by simply praying for those out.

i can't wait to go back to camp next week and invest time in the middle schoolers. i am so excited to see what God has in store for them, and can't wait to build relationships with my family group, and all the other campers and staff that will be there. camp is a huge part of my life and has been a major part in shaping me into the woman i am today. i really value all the relationships that i have gained at camp, and can only hope to help these young people in the way God wants.

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