Thursday, June 21, 2012

summer nights

while i love this song from rascal flatts, it is very much not my life. i am not a person who goes to field parties (the midwest version of a beach party), or any parties for that matter. i wish i could easily just have a giant bon fire on the beach. how great would that be?

but i love being able to just hang out and have a great time with my friends. it's a lot harder to do that lately since most of my friends live far away. i have one best friend who lives in michigan, and one who lives in jefferson city. it's been really hard on me to have my friends so far away, and hardly ever getting to see my friends who do live around here. march was the first time i had seen my best friend from michigan in three years, and i probably won't get to see her again until her wedding next june. granted i get to see christina more often, since a three hour drive is a lot easier to make, i still don't get to see her as often as i would like to.

this is christina, me, and felicia in march when they were both in town at the same time. christina lives in jefferson city and felicia lives in michigan.

don't get me wrong, i do have some very dear friends here. we just usually have very different schedules and rarely get the opportunity to hang out. but thankfully today and yesterday, i was able to grab some coffee with two great friends. yesterday i was able to catch up with paige. she told me about how she and her husband are getting ready to go on a two week road trip which sounds like a blast. she's still praying for me to find a new job. she's been a great friend and encourager for me ever since i met her when i was a junior in high school 6 years ago. i love having her in my life, and she is someone i view as a mentor, even if she is only a few years older than me. 

this is christina, paige, me, and sarah when paige got married a few years ago. 

today i was able to catch up with rose. she is easily one of my favorite people to hang out with. we work together at the Y and she used to be my personal trainer, and hopefully we can start that up again soon. she quickly became a great friend of mine, and it's only gotten better as we continue to learn more things about each other. she has a one year old daughter who i have pretty much adopted as a niece, since mine lives in texas. today as we sat and talked, i learned she got a children's ministry coordinator job with her church, and i am so excited for her to start it. i believe she is going to do a great job at it. like paige, rose is only a few years older than me but someone i dearly look up to. 

this is rose and i a few years ago at trunk 'n' treat, a halloween event the Y does each year

all of my friends have a dear place in my heart. i know they are all in my life for a reason. and even though i may not get to see them as much as i would like some times. i still keep in touch with all of them in some way or another. and a great thing about starting this little blog, i have been able to make some new friends that i hope to be able to meet at some point. 

friendships are a big deal to me. if we are going to be friends, i am going to make it a point to stay caught up in your life and try to know how things are going for you. i have gotten better about not just knowing how things are going with others, but letting others know how things are going for me. it's really hard for me to open up to people. but i've learned that if i am not open with people, they might not be open with me, and then much needed healing won't happen. i'm still picky about who i fully open up to, for certain reasons, but i am continually working on it. 

do you live close to your best friends? if not, do you keep in touch with them regularly?

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