Thursday, May 31, 2012

this past month, my church read through Proverbs, one chapter a day. i finished it today, and loved this journey. Proverbs has so much good wisdom for anyone. it's a great read for all. at the start of the month i had asked my friend rose to join me in reading, and she agreed to read along. we would meet once every week or so to discuss what we read. i loved spending that time with her and hearing what she took from it and being able to tell her what i got from it. plus i just love spending time with her. i'm so blessed to have her in my life.

maybe it's because i'm a girl, but i've always loved reading Proverbs 31. this chapter tells me what i need to strive to be like, and how i should live my life as a woman of God. the above pictures is one of my favorite verses. looks are always changing, fads hardly even make it a whole season, but what is in your heart is always the same. yes, i like being told i look nice (what girl doesn't), but it's only nice for that day, or that outfit. but i feel better when people compliment my heart, or the actions i make intentionally. your actions speak what is in your heart.

i love when my church does readings together. we've had two this year already. it's encouraging to know that i am not alone, and that i have friends who are there to help keep me accountable, and are willing to meet with me and talk with me about it.

how do you go through Bible readings?

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