Saturday, June 9, 2012

What If The Church Serve Day 2012

today i had the great opportunity to serve with some churches around kansas city. for the past few years we have had this movement called "what if the church?" it's mission is to get the churches of kansas city working together to make Jesus known to the city. it's about connecting with others that we may not normally even notice.  normally a group of three churches get together, share pastors for a few weeks, and then have a serve day, going to local not for profit organizations and helping in any way that is needed. it's truly a remarkable event, and i am so blessed that i was able to be a part of it today. this is actually the first time i was able to participate in serve day (after almost three and a half years!). our little triad of churches served at two separate locations, crossroads academy and the police athletic league. i went with some friends to PAL.

we had over 150 people show up to PAL alone to help serve. it was amazing to see. we did simple things like cleaning, organizing, and painting, along with more labor intensive things like build benches, help build a garden, and removing debris. it was so great to see all these people from different areas of kansas city coming together for people we may not ever meet. i helped paint some of the gym walls. it may not seem like much, but i know for PAL it meant a lot. we finished all of our tasks two hours ahead of time. they had said what has taken them a long time to get to, we were able to finish in about four hours. so awesome that we were able to help them in such a big way. 

as you can maybe tell, sean and i get kinda dirty when we paint. thanks hilary for taking the fun picture!

i have to confess...all of these pictures were taken from my pastors facebook album. 

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Erin said...

So awesome to see the church out there serving! Praise the Lord :)