Sunday, June 24, 2012

hey batter, batter

let me just say, i LOVE baseball. it is easily one of my all time favorite ways to spend an evening. and i was fortunate enough to go to two games in one weekend. the only thing that could have made it better was if my dear royals won at least one game. (i hate the cardinals and really don't like losing to them, especially at home) friday night my dad was able to find some last minute tickets on stub hub. it was great. one of my favorite traditions of the royals is fireworks friday. (when i was little they made me cry, now i can't get enough of them) they helped ease the pain of a horrible loss. but it was a fun night and i got to spend time with my dad, which is always awesome.

this afternoon i went to the game with the boy. crazy thing is he's a red sox and cardinals fan and guess what games i've gone to with him...that's right, a red sox game and a cardinals game. we make things into a competition and right now we are 1-1. we need one more game to be a tie breaker. (same situation with putt putt) it was a really hot day and we were sitting in the shade, but they are the days i am made for. my awesome friends mark and paige were at the game also, so boy and i went to see them for a bit. it was a fun time. today's game was a much better game to watch. we still lost but it was a lot closer. 

as you can tell, seats were a lot closer than friday night, but it was still so much fun

i tend to take pics of the boy without him realizing. i promis at some point i will take one when he is actually paying attention and i can share his handsomeness

for as long as i can remember, my dad has taken all of us kids to sporting events. so much of my childhood memories are spent in lawrence, ks, watching ku football and basketball games, and kauffman stadium watching royals games. when i was in middle school he started taking me to arrowhead for chiefs and wizards games. (we kind of steered away from soccer games for a while because of the drunks. he's protective of his little girl =]) they are some great memories because for one, i adore my daddy and love spending time with him, and for two, it's created this love of sports, and the atmosphere that come with them, in me. i still look forward to games with my dad and brothers. (one of my favorite coffee mugs has a picture of me and dad on it from a royals games) i only hope that i can do the same with my future kids. 

love my daddy so much =]

my royals are playing tampa bay next. let's hope that series is better than this one was. 
who is you favorite baseball team? or what is your favorite sport?


Erin said...

love this!! :) baseball is such a summery, fun sport. my favorite is football but baseball is definitley a fun one to watch.

also i just love that mug - you are your daddy are too cute!

Emily H. said...

aww thank you! my daddy is definitely my hero. and football is another great sport. it's another great daddy daughter bonding time.