Friday, May 3, 2013

ramblings from a crazy life

so it's been kinda crazy in my life lately. i have been cutting back hours at the y and getting more at cvs. (yay) i also recently decided to become a mary kay consultant. (if you want anything, let me know) i'm nervous about it, because i'm not really a sales person, and don't really know how to bring it up in conversation. since i don't wear make up all the time, it's not a typical conversation for me to begin with.

i've also been prepping for when ashley are aaron leave (boo!) wednesday we (small group) had an "ashley party" to end the session and as a birthday party for her. she was quick surprised, which was great. i'm treating her to pedicures this wednesday, since it's what we do. i'm hoping i'm as good of a leader for the group as she was. at least i will be tag-teaming it with another girl from group.

i've still been trying to run/work out consistently. (been a bit harder these past few days with the extra long winter we've been having here) my first 5k is the 18th (the chiefs 5k, ending on the 50 yard line!). pretty sure this is going to be a slow one, i'm still really out of shape, but at least it will be something. then in june i'm doing the dam to dam again in des moines with my aunt, and at the end of june i'm doing the glow run again. i'm excited for all of these.

i'm still trying to lose weight for felicia's wedding. i seem to be stuck at the 171-173 area. have yet to break below 170. i'm thinking of signing up for weight watchers online to help me get there. i have a friend who does it and she's been loving her results. i think it might also help with my over-eating. i am trying to do some research on it. do any of y'all have any reviews on it? i would love to hear them.

i've been trying to get more organized with my life. been trying to keep my car and bedroom clean (going to target tomorrow for some help) and trying to tackle my bathroom. this part is a bit more difficult since i share it with my brother and can't just throw everything in sight away. (that's how my car usually gets cleaned) i feel like it's kinda been working, but still need a lot of help. thankfully i have friends like jeanette who are willing to help with these crazy adventures of mine.

this cold weather has been making me cranky, so i went to the salon and got my hair darkened today to make me happier. loving this darker color. 

other than that school is still slowly killing my soul. who knows how much longer i have =/ but proud of felicia and jayme for graduating from gvsu! they let me know i will get there soon. blessed by them.

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