Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1 down, 2 to go

wow it's been a while =/ life has been kinda crazy. school is done for like a week and a half (the joys of going all year round), i've been working a lot at cvs (still enjoying it) and this is my last month on the schedule at the y for a bit (will be going to a sub list) along with trying to figure out how to be a leader for small group, which starts in second week of june. the weekend of may 31-june 1or2 i will be in iowa for my second year doing the dam to dam in des moines with my aunt. i'm pretty stoked for it, also just for the family time. then june 6-9 i will be in michigan to see my best friend and be a part of her wedding. can't believe she's getting married! so happy for them, and they recently graduated from gvsu and very proud of them for that.

as some of you may know, i've been working towards getting healthier by running/working out more and control my eating. running has been my main focus lately. this past saturday some friends and i ran the chiefs 5k. (my first one of the year, 2 more to go) it was a blast! we ran around the parking lots around arrowhead, and got to finish by running through the same hall the players run through, onto the field, and go to finish on the 50 yard line, with casey wolf (yes i got my picture with him =]) and some of the cheerleaders there. i was in heaven haha. after the race they let us go in and see the locker room. one of the guys we went with dressed up as leon sandcastle, and the chiefs even had a locker in there for him with some gear in it.

our group

their seats. 

kathy and i headed into the locker room

we were good at one point. 

love his name. and gotta show love to the kicker. 

so they had the arrowhead blocked of so it doesn't get dirty with the thousands of people that were there. the players don't even walk/step on it when they are in there. 

leon and his locker

game day schedule

another great thing was friday as we went to get our packets, we went to bd's mongolian for dinner (delish) and when we walked out we got to see the wiener mobile!!!!! and then it was in platte city sunday when mom and i went to the grocery store. 

all the adults became little kids again. it was great!

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