Sunday, May 5, 2013

small group break

so, breaks from small group are hard on me. in case it isn't obvious, i don't do well with being home all the time, and most of my friends live far away, so during breaks i spend a lot of time at home alone. and it's really hard on me. i am a person who desires real relationships with my friends (i think that may be one reason these breaks are hard on me), and spending time at home doesn't help with this.

it's ironic that in church, the message was about connecting with people. whether it's through a small group, or a 2|3 group (basically a group of 2-3 people doing life together). restore is very intentional about getting people connected with others, and i understand why they have breaks from small groups, but i feel like these breaks are forever long, and i would love to just go year round. my group is going to try to be getting together and still hanging out through the break, but i know i'm missing at least 2 weeks in a row of that. (which is a huge bummer)

i would love to try to start a 2|3 with a friend or two. not sure who i could do it with, due to different schedules, and mine that changes every few months, but i would love to give it a try, even if we aren't able to meet every week. anyone in the northland area want to join me?

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