Saturday, January 19, 2013

happy day

sooo....this week has been kinda crazy. 

last saturday i went to dinner and bowling with some girl friends for my birthday(which was the 8). it was a ton of fun and it was great to just have a girls night. one of my friends got me a sweet pink and black plaid hat. it's so warm. she also got me a fun mug that i am ready to have some hot cocoa in. my other friend got me Jesus calling. i haven't started it yet, but am super excited to. that gift also included chris tomlin's new cd, a new pen, and a book of post-its. i have some pretty sweet friends. 

monday was pretty normal, just work and class. then tuesday i got a call from cvs saying i had some paperwork to fill out and that i had a new hire orientation to go to. ahhh! 

wednesday felt ridiculously long (it's my 12 hour day away from home for the next few weeks) but it was great to start small group again. our group is kind of big this session, which is awesome. and this session my friend and i are apprenticing, so in the summer we will start co-leading the group, and i'm super excited for this journey. this friend also got me a fedora and gave it to me at group. (i have a thing for hats ;)) 

thursday was the new hire orientation for cvs. one step closer to starting! luckily, it did not feel like i was sitting in a room for 4 hours. it went by pretty quickly and the guy kept it's pretty interesting. i still have one more training to go to. it's one that's specifically for the pharmacy, and after i do that one, then i can officially be put on the schedule as a pharm tech. for now i will be doing both the y and cvs, and i will start to transition out of the y. i'm hoping i can stay on there for like one or two days a week, and work most of the time at cvs. it's exciting to for one have a new job, and for two have a job that's related to what i'm going to school for. 

so i don't work on saturday's anymore, so today was weird having nothing to do. i have a slight feeling this may not last for long haha. anyways, hope ya'll had a good week! God bless =]

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