Saturday, January 12, 2013

i like....

british television. netflix is so great at getting me hooked. it started a few years ago when my brother introduced me to doctor who. (i'm obsessed with doctor who!) my thought was how had i gone so long with out knowing of such a fantastic show. he also showed me the it crowd. then i looked up more british shows on netflix. i watched sherlock, and holy cow i love that one as well! both of them are written by steven moffat, which is possibly one reason i really like them both. lately i've been catching up on a "older" (as in only three seasons and then it's done-zo) series called torchwood, a spin-off of doctor who. i enjoy their version of sci-fi and seeing the aliens they have. (so far daleks from doctor who are definitely my favorite) my mom and i also have been watching downton abbey lately. we have the first two seasons on dvd and watched the premier of season three on pbs sunday when it came on. (i would recommend any of these shows)

one thing i admire about british television is that they really focus on the skill of acting, not just having a specific person at a role because of who they are. in britain, it's basically if you can't do a shakespearean play, then you aren't going to make it. (and it's a bonus that i find some of the guys really cute) my co-worker and i have joked that we will basically watch any show that has a british accent or british actor in it. it's a pretty true statement.

i'm linking up today with alesha from blessed to be a blessing today for her "i like" saturdays. i'm excited to do this and see what everyone else likes.

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