Thursday, December 20, 2012

infinity awesome points to my brother

so last night/this morning we got a bad snow storm here in the midwest. this means my driveway sucks a ton! and apparently i was the one person stupid enough to keep my doctor's appointment today. possibly because this is my only day that they are open for a while. so i have a sloped driveway, which in normal conditions isn't bad at all. but when it snows, and the snow is pretty packed at the bottom, plus having the plow throw more snow over, it can be hard to get up in the winter, especially in a small car.

so guess who gets stuck at the bottom of the driveway today? like couldn't go forward or back at all. full on stuck. thankfully for me, my brother was home. he helped me attempt to dig my car out. luckily for me, he knew what he was doing, or else i would still be out there having no idea what to do. he was able to help me dig out my car, and he was able to get it up the driveway. this is just more proof i have an awesome brother and an awesome family. needless to say, i am not going anywhere for the rest of the day unless i absolutely have to, or unless someone else is driving.

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Janna Renee said...

Haha I always see cars with low clearance and think, "Hmm... I bet they get stuck in winter!" That's why I drive a little 4x4 pickup!