Saturday, December 15, 2012


the events that happened yesterday break my heart. there is no other way to put it. while i was at work, hanging out with 4 preschoolers/toddlers, half a country away so many kids were hearing gun shots, and some where seeing them, and dying from them. it breaks my heart to even think of a child getting hurt, let alone going to a safe place only to find out it's not so safe any more.

i don't get how anyone can hurt a child on purpose. children can't fight for themselves and defend themselves the same way adults can. these children went to school, a place where they are supposed to feel safe, and then this man comes in with guns and hurts them and kills them. it makes absolutely no sense to me. i can't fathom how that community feels, and how those families feel.

i pray for all of the response teams that were there. those people have such a great strength to do a job that i know i could never do. they are willing to run into building, not knowing if there is going to be gun shots, or if the person is even there still. i cant imagine what it was like for those who had to tell parents about their child won't be coming home with them. i can't imagine having to tell someone their child went to school, and got shot, or went to school and died. it makes me cry thinking about it.

i pray for the family of this young man. he obviously had something wrong, and i in no way blame the family for that. i pray that they are not judged or condemned for the acts of their brother/son/grandson/nephew/whoever. people usually seem to forget that the family of the shooter has also lost a loved one, and in this case two loved ones. it's a pain i choose not to think about right now. they need prayers just as much as everyone else.

i can't fathom what brought him to do this horrible act. i can't fathom why he would shoot multiple children, multiple times. i don't have kids. i'm no where near that point in life. but i love the kids i watch at work, and God has given me a heart for kids. acts like this break my heart right now. i can't imagine what it would be like if i did have kids. i pray for the whole community of newtown, ct. i pray for the parents, families, responders, teachers, staff, everyone involved. i pray for america.

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