Sunday, December 9, 2012

holy cow

my birthday is in less than a month. i'm a huge fan of birthdays, and would normally have a countdown started a few months ago. but for some reason that didn't happen this year. i didn't even realize this until last night when i was getting some kids' city stuff from our director. (i had mentioned i'm a 22 year old with no life, and that's when it hit me i can only say 22 for another month) i'm still super excited for my birthday, but for some reason 23 sounds like a lot for me.

i never really do anything for my birthday, just because we didn't really do parties growing up. i do, however, always go to applebee's for dinner and have them sing happy birthday to me. for my 21 birthday my mom took my best friend and i ice skating at crown center and then we convinced her to go into the crayola store, and we got giant coloring pages. it was pretty rad.

i may try to get together with my small group and do something. not sure yet though. i really need to get planning on this. if y'all have any ideas, throw them my way. hope y'all have a great sunday!

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