Friday, November 30, 2012

if you really knew me... would know i love jigsaw puzzles. i can sit and do them for hours. they relax me and suck me in. i had some teachers in middle school and high school who had them in the back of their room, and we could work on them when we were done with our work. now i do them way more often. (i'm working on one right now i got from my grandma's house. it's almost done. i've only worked on it for a few days with a little bit of help from my mom) would know i have trust issues. just ask my best friend. it's really hard for me to trust people. a good way to find out i trust you is if i cry in front of you. (usually winds up taking a few years) it took about 3 and a half years for me to trust my best friend completely. but now i have no idea what i would do without her. would know it took my 19+ years to like reading. i never liked it growing up, but then i had to figure out how to fill a 13 hour car ride to austin when my sweet niece was born. would know i'm still not totally sure of what i want to be when i grow up. i'm going to school to be a pharmacy technician, and i'm trying to do photography on the side. but sometimes i'm not sure if i'm going to school for the right thing. i'm scared of being in a job that i don't love. right now i'm in a job that isn't my favorite, but the people i work with make it okay. would know i have struggled with my weight my whole life. i still remember my brother calling me fat when i was in 5th grade. i cried. a lot. i knew i wasn't the skinniest person, but i didn't think i was fat. and it has carried on ever since. i try to run and work out, and watch what i eat, but it has still been a huge struggle for me, and i still weigh a lot more than i would like, and i'm working at it. would know i am hard on myself. i have these expectations in my mind of what should be going on right now, and it's not like how it's turning out, and then i get hard and down on myself. i think it's because growing up, people expected me to do the same things as my brothers, but i wasn't nearly as good as they were (simple fact) but i took it personally. would know i have a special place in my heart for coca-cola and neopolatan ice cream. my great grandma always had a 12-pack of coke and a box of neopolatan ice cream in her kitchen every time we went to her house, no matter what. they bring back good memories, and i'm quite a lover of them both now. would know when i was little i wanted to change my name. i didn't like being named emily because everyone else had the same name. (i graduated with 2 other emily's) i never really had a new name picked out, but i wanted to not be named emily. i love my name, and i saw it's not even in the top 10 for 2012. kinda crazy.

might do another one of these again later. but here's a bit more of me for now. 

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Erin said...

i love coca cola too :)
love you!