Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a part of what's on my heart

so this weekend was a great break from life. dad and i went to waco for the ku v baylor football game. i love football, and love my jayhawks, even if they aren't doing that great. i have to admit, baylor has a really good band. after the game, we continued to austin and spent the weekend with my brother and his family. found out they are probably moving to cupertino soon. on our way home, we stopped in arlington to see cowboys stadium and rangers ballpark. my love for football is possibly only exceeded by my love for baseball. i was soooooo stoked to see rangers ballpark! hopefully sometime this next season i can make it to a game down there.

i come home and finished getting some mentoring from my dear friend hilary. it was such a blast having her help me with some photography tips and pointers. i love the photos she takes, and i feel blessed that she was willing to take the time out of her schedule to help me out and let me spend time with her and learn from her. love her. (plus i got to hang out with her precious son as well!)

i mean how cute is this child?!

but then i got a text from my best friend/sister that makes my heart heavy. her aunt who lives down here  (who has been fighting stage 4 cancer) had a stroke, and that resulted in some brain bleeding. the doctors gave her a few days at most. felicia and her family are at the hospital right now. it breaks my heart to know my best friend and her family are aching. (i've never met her aunt, but even as i write this, and talked to my small group about it all, it makes me cry) i want to be able to do something for her, i just don't know what i can do. it's been hard on me to be so far away from her during all of this. her fiance sent me a text today that helped a bit.
he is a great man and i'm so glad him and feesh are together. they are two of my dearest friends and i'm blessed to know them. 
if you could have them in your prayers, it would be very appreciated.

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Hilary Hope Photography said...

I'm praying for your friend, Emily! <3 Also-I had an amazing time with you, too!