Sunday, November 18, 2012

some ramblings and goal sharing

i am so horrible at keeping up with this blog. so sorry about that. finals was this week, and so now i am done with school for the rest of the week, and start up again in the beginning december. i am so ready for this little break. maybe then i can get back into a consistent workout and running schedule and keep with it when i start up again. sadly, school makes it harder for me to work out consistently, since my grades are a top priority and every teacher thinks their class is the only one i'm in. i am so ready to be done with school totally. homework is killing me. plus it's getting kind of discouraging. i feel like i've been in school forever and wasted so much time trying to figure out what i wanted. i want to be done just so i can get a break from it and focus on other aspects of life, like cleaning the tornado zone that is my room. (it's really bad, like i want to torch it and/or just throw everything away and start from scratch with it all) my stress level is like 3 feet above my head and i'm not totally sure how to handle it.

i talked with my friend today, and i will be doing her engagement pictures around christmas time instead of this week. so excited for it! she said i can use some of the good ones for a portfolio. i'm looking forward to start this journey. i'm trying to start doing it as a side business, so if you know anyone in the north kansas city area, send them my way if they are looking for pictures. i am so thankful for the help my sweet friend hilary gave me. and i'm hoping i can continue to learn from her and maybe work with her on some things. love her and so blessed that she took the time to mentor me. (plus thursday i got to babysit her sweet son while she edited some photos, so i enjoyed peeking over her shoulder for some of those.)

i have talked with my friend rose, who does training from her house, and i will hopefully start doing personal training with her again soon. i love her and love working with her. i so badly need to get back onto a set schedule with it, and i know it would be easier if i have someone keeping me accountable (and coughing up some money for training is good incentive to keep up with it as well) my goal is to be 150 pounds by june for my best friends wedding. i know it's possible, and i know it won't be easy, so having her to confide in with help. my other goal right now is to run a 5k in under 44 minutes. last year my goal was under 45 minutes, and my best time was 44:57, so i need to cut at least one minute off of that. again, i know i can do it, and again i have til june to do it. (i have to choose between the color run or the dam to dam since they are both on june 1)

mom's side of the family came up last weekend, the 10th, and so i got to take some pictures of my cousin's sweet little boy.
i mean how cute is he?! love him so much
and her sister is pregnant with her first child. they are going to have a little girl, so we had a little contest for a middle name, but they didn't decide on one that day. 
isn't she so cute pregnant? and they are such a fun couple, i can't wait to see them with their baby girl. 
just couldn't get enough of him.

momma and son, and my brother in the back.

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