Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day fun

we had quite the labor day. (although now is really windy and stormy, so i'm kinda freaking out) we had most of my mom's side of the family down here, and it was great to see them all. my cousin alison is preggo, and i got to see her little baby bump today! she's due in december (i think, jason wasn't clear if it was the end or beginning of the month) they are going to have a girl, and i'm so excited for them! her older sister is serving as a missionary in honduras, and was able to skype in today. so fun to get to see her, even if it's in the computer screen. then their baby sister (i can't really call her a baby anymore) is doing some fund raising for her school's prom (oh the joys of being a jr in high school) so mom got some KU pasta and a magazine subscription for my three year old niece, and dad got more of the KU pasta. needless to say, i'm super stoked to get KU and jayhawk shaped pasta! my cousin michael brought his photo album from his recent trip to south africa. i really enjoyed looking at that. he also stayed a bit longer than everyone else, and him, my brother, and me just sat around the table talking. it was nice since we never really have the opportunity to do it. his sister was able to come up from columbia (a good three hours) after she got off of work. it was great to see everyone. both my mom's sisters and their husbands were here also. about half the  cousin siblings were gone though.

we did the typical grillig burgers and hot dogs. i made deviled eggs like always, along with some puppy chow and pumpkin spice latte. mom made this jell-o challenge, and ironically her and both of her sisters made the exact same jell-o cake! (white cake with raspberry jell-o and cool whip on top) but marjorie also brought a legit jell-o mold. we had great food, and obviously plenty of cake haha. mom and i bought some little ice cream cups for dessert, and they have been so bad for me today...i've had way more than i should. we were going to have a croquet tournament, but decided not to. mom said it was too hot haha.

i had a pretty busy weekend. friday dad and i went to the journey, pat benatar, and loverboy concert. we missed loverboy, which i was okay with cuz i can't think of anything from them. but i had a BLAST seeing pat benatar and journey. it was windy and wet, but a great time. then saturday we went to KU's first football game. it was a pretty good game. we won the game, but it was a bit too stressful. but a win is a win, and i had a blast out there. so much of my childhood was spent going to lawrence for football games. i can't remember a year that i haven't gone, and i'm am so grateful for that. sadly it's the only game i'm able to make it to this month. can't wait to make it to some more in october.

sorry this is long with no pictures. i had restored my phone tonight, and all my pictures got lost. off to watch ABC Nightline to watch Jefferson Bethke. awesome mad of God. go check him out!


Janna Renee said...

Sounds like a good time to me! I have never had a jello cake, but I'm sure that I would like it!

Erin said...

how fun!
i didn't know jeff bethke was on!! i just love his ministry. funny fact - i actually went to college with his fiance and we lived in the same dorm haha!

happy weekend sweet friend :)