Thursday, September 20, 2012


small groups started back up this week. so exciting! i love my group, and the kids i babysit for the other group are pretty awesome also. it's great to get back into the groove of groups.

my women's group is such a huge blessing to me. it's great to get together in the middle of the week and hang out with a great group of girls around my age. it's ironic that most of them are teachers, and two of us work with kids through nanny-ing or daycare, so needless to say there are some great kid stories to go around haha. i've been in this group for a while, and it's been such a great blessing to me. i am so encouraged by these great ladies and feel like i can truly talk to them about anything.

my babysitting group grew a lot this session. we had like 10 kids, ranging from like 6 months to 4 years. most of the kids in the middle are around the same age, and they seem to be at the separation anxiety phase. but it's still a good group. my favorite quote from these week was when one of the 4 year olds asked "why are there so many babies here"i said "because all of your mommies decided to have babies at the same time" then one of my favorite kids goes "and daddies!" can't forget that daddies are part of the process too. it cracked me up. hopefully next week is a bit less full of tears.

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