Monday, September 10, 2012


this week has been kinda crazy busy. i started classes tuesday. i'm taking two online classes, and it's harder than i thought it would be. dont get me wrong, i knew it wasn't going to be easy, but i've been getting better at the self discipline it takes to sit down and read and do online tests and not mess around on facebook or get sucked into whatever tv show is on for background noise (i can't do total silence) i'm half sucked into the voice right now. i love this show. i wish i was good enough to get on it. my best friend tried out for this season in march and didn't make it, but i am still so proud of her for even going out there and trying out.

also tuesday i officially started going over the binder to be service coordinator for kids city at church. so excited to start this journey, and even got such a sweet email from our pastor's wife about how i did sunday. i'm excited to see where this takes me. we have a great kids city director and i'm so glad that she has given me this opportunity.

wednesday i was able to work "big girl" hours at work. i was exhausted by the end of it, but it was nice to work a full day. i wish i could do it more often haha. i'm still trying to find a new job, but with how gracious the Y has been about letting me get reading done at work, i'm not fully ready to let go of it. plus i love my coworkers and bosses.

saturday was crazy busy for me. i watched kiddos at leadership for church in the morning. (next month i get to be with the kids city team during leadership) and then went almost straight to work for the afternoon/evening. i was kind of sad i didn't work kids night out also, because it was 80's night and it would have been such a fun one. loved seeing my coworkers come in with their 80s outfits. a few of them are children of the 80's. one has a son who was asking about how kids dressed in the 80's and decided he needed to learn more about it. another little girl said "i think i've been there!" when we told her the theme. obviously this was way more for the staff than the kids, but everyone still had a good time.

sunday was fantastic!! i really enjoyed the message at service. kids city was crazy with babies. (we had 9!!!) all the other classes had kids in double digits, but enough staff. janet (our pastor's wife) was helping in the babies and sent this sweet email to lindsey about how she thought i did good at service coordinator and how i was able to help with the babies, but still check on the other rooms, and stayed calm and kept a good attitude about it all. it was just a blessing to wake up this morning and read that. yet another reason my church family rocks! then i got to have dinner with my best friend from michigan and her fiance. we went shopping to look at bridesmaid dresses. i have it narrowed down to two.

thats pretty much my week in a nutshell. still consumed by reading a&p and human relations. hoping i will be able to find time to start my for fun book again.


Erin said...

Love reading updates of your life, girl! Praying you get time to rest and start reading your fun book again in the midst of the craziness :) xo.

Janna Renee said...

My girlfriend is trying to get me to try out for The Voice, but it takes a lot of guts. Glad you are making it through everything!