Saturday, May 26, 2012

run run run

so i'm not the best at running. i used to run a lot in high school, and even did pretty well at it my first year at college. but for the past few years i just haven't gotten back into it, and now whenever i run i am reminded of how horribly out of shape i am. which is really bad considering i am running my first 5k in 6 days. i am actually signed up for three 5ks this summer, which is ridiculous considering this is the first time i've done any real running since 2009. but i am determined to be able to run the whole thing by the end of the summer, even though it won't be happening at this first one. saturday i am doing the dam to dam 5k in des moines, iowa with my aunt. she has done it for the past few years and i am excited to do this with her, but also pretty sure she will dominate me.

at the end of the month i am doing the color run here in kansas city with a friend from church and maybe a friend from school as well. they both have already done at least one race this year, so we will see how well i do compared to them. i know it's not about comparing myself to other people, but it's kind of a habit when it comes to stuff like this. i may be slightly competitive and not the best loser.then in the middle of july i am running the glow run, a night run in city market, with the same friend from church.

i am extremely excited to be doing all of these races, but am also very nervous about them. i know that with continued training it will be okay, but with camp and doing classes this summer, i'm not sure how i will fit everything in. i can't wait for them and can't wait to see what this summer hold in the lines of health and fitness. i'll be sure to keep you posted. =]

do any of you enjoy running? was it a natural thing or did it take some effort?

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