Thursday, May 24, 2012

hello there

hey. so as you can probably tell i'm really new at this whole blog thing. i figure since i read them so much i may as well start one, even if it's just for me to write random things. a little intro about me.

- i'm 22 years old. i've lived in a small town near kansas city my whole life. i love kansas city with my whole heart, but i am quite a pansy when winter gets here. 
- this year i decided i was going to get back into running. i am signed up to do three 5k's this summer. my first one is in a few weeks and i'm kinda nervous. 
- my faith is a huge part of who i am. i grew up going to your typical wooden white country church. i got baptized when i was 9. i now go to a bigger, more contemporary church and i absolutely love it there. 
-i'm going to school. i am hoping to get into pharmacy school. right now i am going to nau for pharmacy technician classes. 
- music and photography are some true passions of mine. i'm not the best at piano, flute, or singing but i do them anyways. 

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